• Roger and Lynne Pitcher retired in 2023 – Lynne acted as secretary for many years and Roger organised
    the road closures, marshals, insurance and generally ensuring that we complied with the law and Health
    & Safety rules. Enormous thanks go to them.
  • Two others retired in 2023 – Pat Lester and Denise Cronin – for many years they were active members of
    the Committee and again many thanks go to them. We are pleased to report however that Denise is still
    assisting us with photographs and the social media side of life.
  • Another past Committee member – Mary Harrison still plays a big role in our various events and her
    continued assistance is greatly appreciated.
  • Yarmouth Harbour – Tim Adams and his team support us throughout the year from allowing the use of
    Harbour Commissioners’ land and amenities to moving boats, taxiing sandcastle competitors – we so
    appreciate their support.
  • Yarmouth Sailing Club – another great supporter of the Carnival Events, particularly the Easter Duck
    Race and of course, escaped crabs from the crabbing competition! Our grateful thanks go to their
    Commodore and his team.
  • Lizzie Grainger – the headteacher of Yarmouth & Freshwater and Shalfeet schools. Following the move
    to the new school in Freshwater, Lizzie is determined to keep the children involved in Yarmouth events
    and this was certainly seen at last year’s pancake races – the biggest turnout yet.
  • The Royal Solent Yacht Club – their generous support in hosting the Senior Citizens Lunch and Carnival
    Week talks, their members digging deep in their pockets to support our various events and equally
    importantly, their time in assisting with running the events.
  • Chris Waddington – our chairman for many years, continues to support and provide sound systems for
    our various events.
  • Lastly but by no means least – all our sponsors – we try and have a sponsor for every event which
    enables us to provided prizes and cover event expenses. Thank you all very much and if there is a
    business out there who would like to sponsor an event, please get in touch.
    We do hope you will find the events we run throughout the year enjoyable and fun.
    On the final day of Carnival Week, we have the parade – this can be on a vehicle
    (or other modes of transport) or on foot – dress up and come and join the fun.